The Custom Door Company


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The Custom Door Company is owned and operated by a family of experienced craftsmen who specialize in building custom, handcrafted doors with the highest standards of quality. Here at The Custom Door Company, we use only the highest-grade lumber and are stocked with the most popular species of wood. Some of these fine species include hickory, walnut, ash and birch, to name a few. All of our doors are warp resistant and free of defects.

To better serve our customers, we offer a beautifully designed brochure that will cater to any design concept. Choose between different options of wood, glass, door profiles, entry styles and sidelights. With the many options available, you are sure to find the door you envision.   Regardless of what you choose, every door is hand assembled and carefully inspected by our experienced craftsmen to ensure exceptional standards of quality.

 Included in our brochure, you will also find details about our warranty, which includes one full year guarantee that your door will be of good workmanship and free of defects that would render it unserviceable for the purpose for which it is intended.  The Custom Door Company would love to be a part of your home design process, and we look forward to keeping you happy for generations to come.